The help you needed

before the device!

Welcome to the help you need to transition your learning from the years of analog to the promise of digital. If your school is thinking of implementing Google Workspace for Education, a 1:1 iPad initiative, contact me as I can assist your organization.

My training sessions are designed with this workflow.

  • Introduction: I start here so we can determine the objective. This creates the context or value proposition for attendees.

  • Demonstrations are next where I show features and help participants determine the value for their teaching or learning.

  • Guided Practice is used to learn, (with hands-on) using common resources and methods. This creates a safe and supportive environment for learning as participants stretch themselves to move beyond their current comfort zone.

  • Independent Practice & Extension is where I work with meeting the list of what participants came to the training to check off. The use of coaching and discovery is essential in this part of the training as participants make the training their own.

  • Summary of Learning and Reflections are critical to determine the effectiveness and to gather feedback from participants to insure we are both challenging and nurturing the participants.

If you are a non-profit looking at deploying Google Workspace for Business, I can be of help in the successful adoption and integration.

Since June 2014 I have been working with schools and nonprofits.

Check my profile in the Google Workspace Trainer Directory.

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I look forward to our work together. To get an idea of how I look at learning and life, watch the video made by Joanne Shang.

Joanne Shang, a former colleague, was working on her Masters and needed my help.

This was her request:

Hi Karl,

I need to ask you for a favor again!

I am working on an assignment, for my graduate course, to create a documentary on someone in my everyday world who lives creatively. I can’t find a better person than you who lives your life with an obviously creative approach, integrating technology and working with middle school children at work and managing a farm and working with animals at home. May I ‘interview’ (and videotape) you at work on Tuesday (4/2) and Wednesday (4/3) while you are engaged in creative work.

I wish I had the opportunity to tape you working on the farm too, but due to time constraint, that will be for the next project.

Having nothing to lose I agreed as I am prone to do. I think she captured it very well and I am amazed at all that I do and have done since I was born on a farm in Southwest Wisconsin sixty years ago.