Welcome to DJ Karl's official website

This is a music bot that plays 24/7 and can take spotify and youtube, as you know the bot is called DJ Karl.
DJ Karl is made by love for all them that listens to music on discord

Downbelow can you add our bot or check other things out like our shop or commands
You can get acces to our premium bot for a monthly subscribsion on 5 USD (premium bot not finish yet)

The bot is not yet verified but it will be soon, we got it onto 77+ servers in under 2 days uptime, so discord needs to be sure that the bot is not used for evil and something like that, so basically we got the bot added to, to many servers in to short of a time, so now we just wait intil discord accept the verification submit we send in 10/18-2021.

so pls wish us luck for a good future for the bot and more love for music

Our bot has hit around 200 servers since start we gonna be a big music bot community

The bot was made 10/15/2021 by iPoqe - Developer
Owner of the bot -

Here can you add our bots to your discord server

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