GROUNDED [2003-2011]

GROUNDED • Photographs of the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center, exposed in 2003–2004, and reconsidered and printed in 2010–2012.

Images burning holes in the mind. Personal, cultural, and corporate controlled images. I am interested in a practice of photographic image making where context becomes relevant, where truth can mix with fiction and personal experience becomes myth-significant.

The pictures from Grounded are both real and imaginary, existing along the line between the seen and unseen. These images rely on the imagination of the viewer to separate the worst aspects of war and the military complex from the mechanics of the individual technological advancement, to pull apart the mythical wonders of flight from the armaments being carried and dropped on the humans below. Many of these aircraft are arranged in the south west American desert for the purpose of being recorded by satellite reconnaissance, imagined and staged as proof of certain demilitarization treaties, and seen by other military powers around the globe as proof of just how much firepower out national arsenal holds.