[Forthcoming December 2018]

A book about new old images

Featuring new work by: Rebecca Holrbook-Erhart, James Luckett, and Ray Klimek

Examining Crucial Essence of Discarded Images — WOUB.ORG

“Unpacked Box” Highlights Artists’ Forgotten Photos — BACKDROP MAGAZINE

Tangling With Forgotten Photographs — MEDIUM

From —The dog, the pond, the foundation, the boy, the crystalline forest and the house — by James Luckett.
Excerpts from an essay by Ray Klimek in Unpacked Box

"In the process of doing their work, photographers inevitably generate archives. Their projects, however well edited, are haunted by shadow projects in the form of images that fail to make the final cut. These two photographers think their way with and through the things of a world that is aloof yet simultaneously available to our perceptions, our curiosity and our projections."

"There are elements of the fairy tale here, perhaps an echo of CS Lewis in the sequence title. Even the deep focus, the contrasts, the overall crispness of the images which might ordinarily signal a variety of realism here take on a quality of the hyperreal, well beyond what our eye sees, virtually 'crystalline' in the words of the artist."

From Hidden Archive by Rebecca Holbrook-Erhart.

"...Rebecca Holbrook-Erhart’s Untitled Series of Photographs has some affinities to Samuel Beckett. Her photos are in-between images, practically declaring themselves as throwaways taken at odd moments in the midst of a crisis. Nothing happens here, at least nothing outward or measurable. Yet by exploiting the limits of photography and its inability to directly access her emotions, the work paradoxically gives us a glimpse of the photographer’s psychological weather."

Unpacked Box, 2018
Unpacked Box, 2018

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