Teaching Philosophy

Statement of Educational Philosophy

“Art is dangerous.” ~ Toni Morrision

Theatre is as a vehicle for healing, discussion and resolution. A space where artists and audiences come to become more of themselves.

Through the provocation and magic of the theatre, artists tell stories and reveal truths that disrupt the status quo, disturb plans and shake the very foundation of humanity. Whether its through the lens of drama, comedy or tragedy; theatre remains the vehicle for entertainment, education and transformation.

As an educator for over 23 years, I teach from my belief that learning is intrinsic in nature. Specifically, within theatre arts, I have learned to instill new knowledge in the student, while simultaneously bringing forth the courage to help them find their own way while keeping alive the joy and even the frustrations that are a necessary part of the process of self, creative and artistic discovery.

Within the disciplines of playwriting, directing, dramaturgy and acting, my teaching style remains focused on the personal evolution of each student within the act of self-discovery; while exposing them to research methods, relevant historic background and advanced techniques in developing their craft. I am personally determined to approach each student, faculty member, trustee, staff. parent, and friend of the institution on a personal and humanistic level to seek ways to accomplish the common goals of the institution.

Through the active engagement in my personal, social and professional activities I make the sincere effort to keep abreast of what’s happening in the world. Understanding the guiding forces within the current social landscape is instrumental in understanding what students are encountering, thus, I am better able to utilize theatrical and social history as a tool to help students understand what’s possible within their own generation of creating art.

I believe the goal of education in an ever-changing world is the facilitation of both change and learning. This implies that students must learn to adapt and change, realizing that no knowledge is secure because the process of seeking knowledge is the basis for security.

My goal as an educator and theatre practitioner is to foster an educational environment and theatrical experiences centered on truth, inclusion, disruption and inspiration.