Anderson Greenhouse and Florist Plants

We are still open!

Per Governor Holcomb executive order 20-18 section 14d, we will be open to curbside service for the community, and our greenhouse is still open to the public. We are eagerly taking orders over phone at (574)267-7181, or through this website! To pick up, our greenhouse is open to come browse safely in, and we are offering curbside service to keep our community, and employees safe, or we can deliver to your house and do a doorstep delivery to further keep you and our employees safe and healthy!

Succulents are so much fun and easy to care for! We have a wide variety of different types of succulents here at Anderson Florist and Greenhouse, and we are so excited to share them with you! Click here to learn about succulents and what we have to offer!

Vegetables and Herbs are great plants to grow, and they give back! Juicy tomatoes, rich cucumbers, fragrant chamomile, and strong mint are just some of the great rewards for planting and growing vegetables and herbs! Click here to view what all Vegetable and Herbs we have to offer in our greenhouse!

Annuals are the bright point in any landscaping from spring through fall! Our greenhouse is overflowing with lush greens and vibrant colors that we are so excited for you to bring home and plant at your house! Click here to view what all annuals we have to offer!

One of the best ways to battle cabin fever, house plants! Our shop is teaming with healthy, gorgeous house plants that are sure to bring life to any room! Click here to find your perfect house plant match!

Pots are a great addition to any plant that you get, be it an indoor house plant or a beautiful outdoor planter. It allows for the plants to further match your house or your landscaping and can really help make a statement! Click here to see what pots we have available!

Plants have so much more potential than just sitting around the house, they grow, change, and can really make a difference! We have some lessons put together to help parents engage and educate their children while using our wonderful plants! Click here to check out what lessons can be taught using our plants!