DIY Backyard BBQ Island Ideas

A Backyard BBQ Island is wonderful addition that can make your outdoor meal time a memorable one. It may look like a pretty sophisticated and complex setting but, in reality, it’s something that you can create by yourself. The end result would be so perfect that your neighborhood would start envying you for the fun that you may have with way your Backyard BBQ Island would show itself.

With that said, there are some BBQ creation ideas you can work on. Some of them are mentioned below.

Stone Island

This outdoor kitchen with the BBQ grill mainly consists of the stones on display. You can pick bigger concrete blocks, or at least stone veneers, to make the entire arrangement look like a stone-made one. You can attack stone panels on the wooden table, which you would have specifically prepared for creating an outdoor kitchen and BBQ island.

It would be worth mentioning that total cost of this arrangement may exceed $1000, which is definitely going to hurt the budget. So, you can pick faux stone panels instead of real stone to cut down the cost at great extent.

Double grill BBQ Island

A simple BBQ grill in the outdoor is a good option if you don’t want to create something very sophisticated related to BBQ parties that you host. However, if you want to utilize those grills while making them a permanent feature of your outdoor space, the Double Grill BBQ Island is one sufficient arrangement that can allow you to host large BBQ parties in your backyard. You just need to integrate your BBQ grills in the backyard with a bit of brickwork of a few hours.

Communal Grill Top

If you want to host small BBQ parties more often, you might find it more annoying to separate other people from the one preparing BBQs. So, you can make an arrangement which allows everyone to sit around a BBQ grill and smoke their own foods. It can be done by installing a tabletop BBQ grill with multiple seating arrangements around it, forming a circle. The central table that you can use as a base can be a panic table which you would cut from the center to adjust the BBQ grill.

Multipurpose BBQ Island

How is it to have a BBQ grill, a smoker and pizza making arrangement integrated together to form a multipurpose BBQ island? You are definitely going to like it more than any other outdoor cooking arrangement. It mainly involves building stone foundations for all three features. However, you can follow the procedure mentioned above regarding the use of wooden base and application of stone panels or faux stone panels. This adorable cooking arrangement is definitely going to make you stay away from your indoor master kitchen.