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10. Developers with a strong base and a good understanding of algorithms learn new programming languages pretty fast. If you imagine that Sanskrit will truly become the language of artificial intelligence and machine learning, then developers will need to learn Sanskrit. How many years will it take?

......... I do not see people switching towards a natural language compiler and programming a real natural language. But if this happens, I still see that Sanskrit will be the best candidate language. In that case, people can definitely learn Sanskrit and then .........

Read my full interview with Yana Meller (Яна Меллер), a journalist from Belarus regarding India, Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence. The interview is originally published in Russian and English in July 2020 issue of Belavia's 'OnAir' magazine in Belarus. Read English version of the full interview here on my website www.diwakarji.com.

My talk in Hindi on Speech Technology, which was delivered on 30th May in National Workshop on Digitization and Creation of E-resources for Sanskrit. The online workshop was organized jointly by School of Sanskrit and Indic studies, JNU, New Delhi, and Department of Sanskrit, DU, New Delhi. I talk about Speech recognition and Speech synthesis (text to speech) in detail, and touch the topics of speaker recognition and voice conversion.

Listen to Durga Saptashati recitation playlist in my voice Here

The lesson referred to by the following image is now available as an article राहु केतु से ग्रहण

This is an animation of solar eclipse which is also included in the above-mentioned lesson regarding Jyotish or Astronomy.

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