Divya P.V






Email id: divyapv@iitpkd.ac.in; divya.pv.nair@gmail.com

Research Interests:

Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering:

1) Green Geotechnics

        • Sustainable Landfills, waste containment systems, coal ash / slurry waste ponds
        • Value addition / Utilization of potential waste materials in various geotechnical applications

2) Reinforced Earth & Ground Improvement Techniques

        • Cracking characteristics of soils
        • Soil stabilisation
        • Sustainable practices

3) Geosynthetics: Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental applications

        • Reinforced earth walls and Embankments
        • Embankments & fills
        • Geosynthetics : Reinforcement, filtration and drainage, landfill barriers

4) Physical and numerical modelling in Geotechnical Engg., Application of Image analysis

        • 1g and Centrifuge modelling Techniques, DIC

Research Group :

Vibha (MS: On going) : Geosynthetic Reinforced Earth Walls and Embankments

Dhanya (PhD: On going) : Bioreactor Landfills

Projects Guided:

  • Behaviour of Geosynthetic Encased CCD Stone Columns
  • Numerical studies on slope failure mitigation by using Soil Nails - A case study
  • Performance evaluation of bentonite amended coal ash as a landfill barrier
  • Stabilization of expansive clay blended with RHA and lime
  • Load settlement characteristics of strip footing on geogrid reinfroced clay


a. Papers in refereed journals

  1. Divya, P.V., Viswanadham, B.V.S. and Gourc, J.P. (2018) “Hydraulic Conductivity Behaviour of Soil Blended with Geofiber Inclusions”, Geotextiles and Geomembranes, Elsevier, ScienceDirect, 42 (2) 121-130 . (Impact factor: 2.44)
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Under communication:

  1. Divya, P.V., Viswanadham, B.V.S. and Gourc, J.P. (2017). “Influence of fiber type and morphology on the integrity of geofiber reinforced landfill cover barriers”, Waste Management, Elsevier. (Impact factor: 4.3)

b. Papers in conference proceedings:

  1. Divya, P.V., Viswanadham, B.V.S. and Gourc, J.P. (2018) “Evaluation of Hydro-Mechanical Behaviour of Hydraulic barriers of Landfill Covers”, ASCE Geoshangai, 2018.
  2. Divya, P.V. and Viswanadham, B.V.S. (2016). “Influence of geomembrane stiffness on the integrity of landfill covers: centrifuge modeling”, Indian Geotechnical Conference 2016, 15-17 December 2016, IIT Madras, Chennai, India.
  3. Viswanadham, B.V.S., Divya, P.V. and Gourc, J.P. (2014) “Tensile strength and permeability behaviour of soil barrier material with and without polyester fibers”, 7th International congress on environmental geotechnics, pp- 448-456, Australia, November 10-14.
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Awards/ membership:

    • Secured “Award for excellence in PhD work” for the year 2012-2014 for the research contributions at IIT Bombay
    • Research Awards 2015” for the research contributions at VIT University
    • Research findings implemented at France by an agency responsible for low-level radioactive waste disposal (ANDRA)
    • Reviewer:
      • Journal of Materials in Civil engg., ASCE
      • Indian Geotechnical Journal (IGTJ), Springer
      • Waste management - (Elsevier, ScienceDirect)
      • Journal of Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental engg., ASCE
      • Journal of solid waste technology and management
      • Associate member of ASCE


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