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Divya Dances is a company that focuses on increasing the visibility of Indian classical dance, called Bharatanatyam.

Unique, one-of-a kind puzzles

What is Bharatanatyam? 

Bharatanatyam is a very ancient form of traditional Indian classical dance, originating in South India. It's also considered one of the highest forms of yoga! This art form began in the temples of India, therefore having connections to Hindu Mythology and Symbolism. The dance consists of both pure dance (nritta) and mimed expressions (abhinaya), creating endless vibrant, energetic, and peaceful dance movements. 

Why Puzzles?

The best way to learn is by having fun and playing. At Divya Dances, our puzzles are crafted to introduce Indian classical dance to children, youth, and adults in an easy and exciting manner. Each puzzle has a captivating story to tell about Bharatanatyam and the dancer depicted. With medium sized pieces that allow puzzlers of all levels to explore Bharatanatyam at their own pace, Divya Dances puzzles are a perfect gift to give others (and yourself)!

Meet the Founder:

Hi! I'm Divya Rajan, the founder and president of my organization: Divya Dances. I've been learning Bharatanatyam for over 11 years under my teacher, Mrs. Sunanda Narayanan, from the Thillai Fine Arts Academy, and have invested my time and dedication to this art form. Dance is my passion. I have given numerous performances and have participated in and won several dance competitions. Through my organization, I hope to increase the visibility of this ancient art form by sharing it to wider audiences, so more people get to learn and enjoy it. In addition to dance, I enjoy playing the tenor and alto saxophone, singing, baking, painting, and playing with my puppy!

Recent Accolades:

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