International Workshop on Controversies and Polarization on Disruptive Technologies



We are pleased to announce an international workshop on ethical controversies and public polarization on disruptive technologies. Several emerging technologies might constitute disruptive innovations that raise profound ethical, political and societal challenges. Strong disagreements and heated discussions about their potential promises and perils are common in the public arena. Consequently, philosophical argumentation is needed to address the most contentious cases of these public debates, to consolidate participative approaches and to foster the democratic governance of these disruptive technologies.

We will especially welcome proposals that encourage careful reflection on the following issues: Brain-Computer Interfaces, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Human Enhancement Technologies, Genome Editing, Nanotechnologies, Life Extension Technologies and Novel Reproductive Technologies.

Those interested in presenting a paper should send an abstract in a pdf of 500 words maximum prepared to blind review, in either English or Spanish before 19th April 2020. Applicants will be notified by 1st May. The paper presentation will not take longer than 20 minutes and each presentation will be followed by a 10 minutes discussion. A selection of conference articles may be published, after double-blind peer review, on special issue in the journal Dilemata in the first volume of 2021.

We will announce soon the keynote speakers and the venue on this website.

For inquiries and abstract submission, please email to

Registration is free. The projects Intelligent Neuro-Technologies Restoring Functions of Action and Communication: An Evaluation Study (Interfaces) AC15/00085 (FEDER) , INBOTS , EXTEND and BIOethAI+ sponsor this event.