While part of the population suffers from hunger, every year one third of the food intended for human consumption is thrown away: meaning 1.3 billion of tons of food becomes garbage. At the same time, according to FAO we only produce enough food to supply the world's growing population until 2050. So, clearly, we have a big contradiction in front of us.

Regarding that matter, during our last Terra Madre 2016, we organized a meeting with a group of SFYN members that were really motivated to move forward & towards this problematic that grows around the world. We, SFYN leaders of the world gathered around the goal to organized a world event once again. We want to make a difference to enhance the fact that food waste is a big issue. Using one of Slow Food flagship projects - the Disco Soup, our idea is to show that we all care about it and wants to attract people on this subject. We want to invite all of you, Slow Food members, to make a difference by organising your own Disco Soup event in your country on the same date around the world.

>>> Saturday April 29th 2017 <<<

Join us to fight against food waste !

What is a Disco Soup ?

The Disco Soup is an action to fight against food waste in which volunteers are invited to collect, wash, clean, cut and cook the food (leftover foods - usually referring to the leftover foods from the farmer’s market) or any food that would go to waste for not conforming to the commercial aesthetic standards. Moreover, it is a gastronomic, artistic and musical event that brings together young people, students, children, elderly, cooks and all the supporters of this battle against food waste. It is also a transformation tool that brings together diverse knowledge for education and awareness.