Day Care Details & Pricing

Doggie Daycare

Why Choose The Dirty Dog?

With the stresses of the workplace today, men and women alike yearn to come home to a quiet, organized, clean place – and to a dog that has put in a “hard day’s work” too and is ready to relax with the family.

Dogs at The Dirty Dog are allowed to bark, howl, jump, play, chew, and wrestle as dogs are born to do – all while their parents are away at work. The Dirty Dog is primarily indoors – in a climate controlled arena and playrooms-eliminating the safety risk during electrical storms or excessive heat, and allowing the dogs to stay warm and dry in the winter and cool and clean in the summer.

A day at The Dirty Dog maximizes the use of their doggie senses and provides enough exercise that pups will return to their families tired and ready for a night of relaxation at home as calm, quiet, and well-behaved members of the family.


Every dog who attends daycare must pass a day of assessments prior to acceptance into our program.. This day (minimum of 4 hours) is free of charge, and provides us with the information we need to correctly- and safely – place your pet into a playgroup designed specifically for him or her. We want The Dirty Dog to be a fun, safe, and structured “home away from home”, and are willing to put in the hours to make sure we can provide just that for each and every pet who comes through our door.

The Dirty Dog Pet Services, LLC, offers active social play with physical and mental stimulation under close supervision of staff during playtime. Good behavior and manners are encouraged with positive reinforcement at all times.

All pets must be: current on all veterinarian recommended vaccines and spayed/neutered by the age of 6 months in order to be eligible for full daycare services.

Benefits include:

  • Physical & Mental Stimulation
  • Environmentally Controlled
  • Indoor/Outdoor Play
  • Personable & Attentive Staff
  • Close Supervision
  • Exercise
  • Peace of Mind
  • Individualized Groups
  • Activities for Your Dog
  • Supervised Indoor/Outdoor Group Play
  • Practice of Known Commands
  • Socialization with Other Dogs
  • Individual Play with Staff
  • Love and Attention



Pricing Structure:

Please Call to Ask for current prices and estimates 785-431-6694

One Day

Price Per day, per dog

Memberships available:

Memberships include complimentary nail trims, 50% off bathing services upon request for the duration of the membership, and free access to our Indoor Dog Park. Overnight lodging during active membership is an additional charge per night

One Week, Unlimited

Priced Over 15% off regular daily rate

One Month, Unlimited

Priced Over 20% off regular daily rate

3 Months, Unlimited:

Priced Over 30% off regular daily rate