Boarding Details & Pricing

Overnight/Lodging Services

Lodging rates begin upon check-in, regardless of arrival time. Checkout is 11AM the following day to avoid another day’s rate.

Dogs (those not participating in daycare for the day) are given a minimum of 4 outdoor breaks (per 24 hour period) to go to the bathroom, stretch their legs, and interact with staff on a one-on-one basis. Additional trips outdoors will be given as time allows, especially during our lodging off-season.

General Population Lodging is provided in kennels. Kennel size is determined based on height, length, and girth. Kennel size decisions are determined by staff and are not negotiable. For pets lodging in our general population, it is HIGHLY recommended that he/she participate in playgroup during the day as an outlet for additional energy, needed distraction from lodging anxiety, and socialization. In most cases, doggie playgroup will help your pet feel more comfortable, be less stressed, and sleep more peacefully during their visit.

Overnight Suites

Our private suites are the most luxurious dog lodging option. Your dog will enjoy a room all to themselves, and their own bed and water dish. Your pup will be able to stretch out and enjoy their own space as if they were at home. This style of lodging is perfect for dogs and owners who do not care for crating, or for multiple-dog families.


Lodging includes playgroup for pets who have passed our evaluation.

For those who have not been evaluated or cannot participate in group play for any reason there is a special handling fee of $5/day/dog

General Lodging

$40 Per day per dog.

Economy Suites

$65 For the first pet, $30 added for each additional pet up to 3.

Luxury Suites

$85 For the first pet, $30 added for each additional pet up to 3.