Dirix Marketing

Dirix Marketing is a web based company from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Dirix Marketing offers services such as web design, strategy, SEO, publicity and more. To know more about the different services check Dirix Marketing website.

Here are different realisations of Dirix:

  • ampoule.ca is a company that recycles old light bulbs and replace them with LED lights.
  • couche.ca is a website 100% dedicated to diapers. Tips and tricks and where to find cheap diapers online.
  • duresto.ca is an online restaurant guide. You can read critics and reviews of differents restaurants.
  • ferforge.org is a website 100% dedicated to iron wrought. The website explains how to take care of it and maintain it for the future.
  • Presto Marketing is a company that does marketing for restaurants.
  • tauxhypothecaire.net is a niche website on loans and interest rates.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading those website and with follow them.

Please send an email at admin (at) dirix.ca if you have any comment.