The team behind Dying Light: Be the Zombie

Digital Scapes is a video game development studio staffed by industry veterans hailing from Bioware, Creative Assembly, Radical and Relic. We offer bespoke development and consulting services, specialising in console Player vs Player (PvP) gameplay, development tools, asset production pipelines and cloud computing.

In recent years we were involved with the 2015 hit title Dying Light, developed by Techland and published by Warner Brothers. For this game we developed the “Be the Zombie” PvP invasion mode, featuring novel asymmetric combat design. We also created and operate Dying Light’s cloud-based online service, which allows developers to collect telemetry data and tune the game in real time, as well as run a range of publicity events within the game world.

As AAA titles become ever more ambitious in scope it is more common for the production to span different studios, countries and even continents. Being located in one of the biggest hubs of the global media industry, with a long pedigree of creative talent and a good selection of vocational schools, positions us very well for taking advantage of this trend. We are always open to new challenges and opportunities. We can help in a wide range of problem areas, including and not limited to:

AAA console and PC game development

Multiplayer gameplay programming

Combat and mission design


Production tools and pipelines

Cloud services




Digital Scapes is working on a large AAA multiplayer title and we need extra programming help in the following areas:


We are looking for programmers familiar with:

  • Networking
  • Matchmaking
  • General systems programming
  • Troubleshooting

We don’t expect you to match all of the criteria above, but we do expect you to:

  • Have an excellent command of C++
  • Collaborate with off-shore teams
  • Work independently when necessary
  • Be self-driven
  • Pay attention to detail

(Passion for gaming is not necessary; we have plenty of that)

Level Design

We are looking for designers who can:

  • Learn a proprietary level editing tool
  • Propose level and mission designs
  • Implement multi and single player level designs, including greyblocking and set dressing
  • Implement mission designs, including scripting and dialogue
  • Collaborate with off-shore teams
  • Work independently when necessary
  • Troubleshoot high-level technical problems (some knowledge of programming is welcome but not necessary)

What we offer:

  • Full-time position with benefits
  • Competitive salary
  • Small-team environment where everyone has a high impact on the final product
  • Exciting IP
  • Attractive location

Contact us

We are located in the Bridge Business Park, next door to the Bridge Studios and down the street from Capcom and EA. We are also 5 minutes’ walk from Gilmore SkyTrain station.

Unit 206, 3993 Henning Drive,

Burnaby, BC, V5C 6P7, Canada

+1 604 299 1171