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Digitaleer On Page SEO

On page SEO is the foundation upon which the rest of your search engine optimization methods are built upon. I wrote this guide to help you through the process of creating a foundation that will last the long haul regardless of what Google throws at you. While everyone else is focused on link building, look to your on page to win the day (or at least make it so you don't have as much link building to do).

First, I guess I have to tell you a little about myself.

About me

My name is Clint Butler and I’m a digital marketer and founder of Digitaleer LLC which is an Olympia, Washington based digital marketing agency focused on white label services for other agencies and client marketing for small and medium sized businesses.

To date, we’ve optimized well over 200 websites for other agencies and I’ve been identified as the go to guy for page speed optimization and on page optimization services.

I served in the Army for a touch over 21 years and during that time I also did a lot of affiliate SEO before I retired. I started that whole adventure in full force in 2009 and my agency has been running since 2012.

I rebranded it and came up with the name Digitaleer in late 2016.

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I've seen tons of guides out there that help people optimize individual pages on a website based on recommended and proven on page SEO standards. However, I never felt they really helped people understand the “why ” concerning the steps that they were performing. After all, it has to be more than just “getting the on page SEO out of the way ” in order to start building links.

These days, while links remain (and probably always will be), important we have to take a much closer look at our on page SEO fundamentals when trying to get the most out of our content and SEO efforts. Often times, when you take a deep dive into your on page, you'll find those missing elements that were keeping you out of the top 3 search results.

Digitaleer On Page SEO

Standard Use Guidance

This guide is designed to walk you through the process of optimizing one page on a website for one specific keyword. Regardless if you are doing a 10-page site or a 10000-page site, these elements apply and create the foundation for the rest of your SEO efforts.

For the duration of this guide, we are going to use the term “dog training”. It’s popular and everyone can relate to it (even Matt Diggity used it in his on-page SEO guide so I know I can’t go wrong), and, in my offline time I am training working dogs as a hobby after training and handling Patrol Explosive and Patrol Narcotic dog teams while both in and out of active service in the Army.

Digitaleer On Page SEO

In order to see more you'll have to visit our website at: