Digital Dreams Music Productions

Uplifting music that you dream about!

About the Label

Digital Dreams Music Productions is a netlabel for Greek Uplifting Trance / Nitzhonot music. It’s originally founded in 2008 by George Prekas (aka Networkman) and Dimitris Kroustallis (aka Rainman). After the successful releasing of some albums and compilations, the label went in the hands of new owners in 2012. Now it is held by Petar Todorov (GOAdelic) who gives his most for it.

Digital Dreams’ main aim is the development of Nitzhonot music with always fresh releases. The netlabel opens the gates for artists from all over the world. All variations of Nitzhonotic sounds are welcome but first and most important is the quality of the music. All Digital Dreams Music Productions’ releases are digital format and absolutely for free download! Free Uplifting music for free mind and soul that everybody can enjoy to.

Digital Releases

is almost here!


1. Dreams Or Nightmares

2. Secret

3. Fake Worlds

4. Losing Everything

Release date: 20-Jul-2018

Free download!