This is a project site to design, plan, document and share information on developing Digital Humanities @ the University of The Bahamas -North located in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

The goal of this project is to develop the capacity of faculty, staff and students at the UB-North campus to engage in and contribute to Caribbean digital humanities through collaboration using accessible internet communication technology and digital tools.

An initial objective is to identify artefacts and create digital materials found in the UB-North Library and other locales to form pertinent, relevant and useful digital collections that can be deposited in the Digital Library of the Caribbean in the form of a "Special Collections of Grand Bahama." These materials should be those that can be used for teaching in UB classes, as well as by other educators in order to foment DH/DS activities at UB and within the wider Bahamian community.

  • Through research and guided student inquiry locate, create and/or use digital materials about selected topics that engage local history, memory and cultural practices. Two initial topics to explore are: "Memory, Mourning and Resilience in Grand Bahama" and "Junkanoo in Grand Bahama".
  • Identify community partners and practitioners of Junkanoo in GB, to develop a plan to identify, collect and get permission to digitally archive relevant and important materials for "Junkanoo in Grand Bahama Special Collections" project.
  • Develop a project plan to prepare local materials for deposit in the dLOC, working in collaboration with UB-N Campus Librarian, Juliet Glenn-Callender, Assistant Librarian Levette Morris, Technician Ohmar Morris of the UB-N Office of Information Technology and the Digital Library of the Caribbean, (dLOC) Director, Miguel Asencio (FIU) and University of Florida, Director of Digital Scholarship, Dr. Laurie Taylor. Participate in the NEH Caribbean Studies Digital Humanities Institute led by dLOC and University of Florida Smathers Libraries from April 2019-October 2020.
  • Use materials created for curated collections, teaching guides, and digital humanities exhibits that are useful for UB, The Bahamas and other people interested in the cultural history of The Bahamas, the Caribbean, las Americas, and the African Diaspora, and which adhere to standards for digital scholarship and pedagogy.
  • Identify and reach out to potential community partners for developing community archives, such as The Freeport News (local newspaper), the Grand Bahama Port Authority (local governing agency), the Committee for the Grand Bahama Museum, Sir Charles Hayward Public Library, American Women's Association of GB, Bahamas National Trust-Lucayan National Park, Rand Nature Centre, and Grum Ma's House in Hunter's Point.
  • Explore national and international collaborations through virtual exchange: such as the project BMCC-UBN COIL, and pilot the UB-North Global Exchange site to facilitate and support virtual exchange activities.
  • Establish international partnerships to increase the local capacity for community-based research and public humanities engagement such as with the Humanities Action Lab of Rutgers University-Newark for the Climates of Inequality project to be embarked upon in the wake of Hurricane Dorian in September 2019.
  • Develop a research microproject for the Caribbean Diaspora: Panorama of Carnival Practices @ UPR-RP in collaboration with Nadjah Rios and Mirerza Gonzalez of the Digital Humanities Thinking Lab (DHTL) using the materials deposited from documenting Junkanoo in Grand Bahama. >>in wake of Dorian and destruction of the library- have to rethink this contribution>>