Video Productions

Testimonial & Interview Videos

Restaurants, Hotels & Boutiques

Products, Services & Partnerships Testimonials

Products & Services

eZ Cash at CMB Eat Street Food Festival

Winner Testimonials

Dialog Data Winners from "Dialog Mega Wasana Draw"

Animated Videos

Animated Instruction Video

For 444 Ticket print machine

How to do Booking


Viral Videos - Scenario videos

Commercial Videos

To capture awareness to the service

Digital Hero Content Video

Capture attention and product usability

TV Commercials

Commercial Videos

TV advertisement - 30 Seconds

Special Videos

Car Karaoke with Natasha

Viral Content to capture audience and product push

Event - Drone Dribbling Competition

A concept developed by Digital Consultants

How to Do Videos

Digital reach video series

Process explanation with a viral move of content

Explaining how to do

Step by step explaining videos

Corporate & Personal Profile Videos

Profile Videos

Personal Profile & Company Profile video production with objectives

Explanation video

A Product review video, Post campaign - explain the success & learnings of the project/services/ products.

Interview Videos

Interview of Dialog Axiata CEO

Interview videos with multi cameras

Interview of SL- Netball Team

Single Camera interviews


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