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Never Stops!

At Digitaal 91.1, our mission is to keep the spirit of classic hits alive and resonating through every moment of your day. We are committed to delivering an uninterrupted stream of timeless music, ensuring that the greatest hits from the past continue to inspire and entertain. Our dedication is to create a seamless and immersive listening experience, where classic hits never stop.


At Digitaal 91.1, we pride ourselves on our carefully curated playlist, featuring the best of classic rock, pop, soul, and more. 

From the iconic anthems of the '60s and '70s to the unforgettable hits of the '80s and '90s, our station offers a diverse mix that keeps our listeners coming back for more. 

Our promise to you: Classic Hits That Never Stop.


Uninterrupted Music: We believe in the power of music, which is why we provide an endless stream of classic hits, free from unnecessary interruptions.

High-Quality Sound: Our state-of-the-art broadcasting technology ensures that every note and every beat is delivered to you in crystal-clear quality.

Community Connection: We are more than just a radio station; we are a community. Our listeners are our family, and we want them to become part of our radio station and want to make sure you stay in touch with us.


Digitaal 91.1 is your premier destination for timeless classics and unforgettable hits. Our mission is simple: to provide an unceasing stream of music that transcends generations, bringing back the golden eras of music right to your ears. 

Whether you're reminiscing about the good old days or discovering classic tracks for the first time, Digitaal 91.1 is here to accompany you on your musical journey.