Your tv station is not perfect

- let's get you a little closer

I'm Nick Sorensen, and I can help you. As the most experienced Viz Mosart super user, I have helped television stations around the world with studio automation integration, training, show design and on air support.

I have analysed millions of log lines, I have come up with crazy workarounds to get the automation to do what I want, I have changed workflows - to make it faster, safer, better and easier to get the content delivered. I can help you too!

Chances are, you already have Viz Mosart, and that's great! But you probably experience things that are kinda weird, things that should be possible but you haven't found out how,  or you generally think that you should be able to get more out of the system. Well, let me have a look at it! Maybe you want to be able to use the same script in different shows with different graphics. Maybe you want two different outputs from the same controlroom.  A show that starts automatically. Graphics that are triggered at a specific time of day.  I'm there for you!

I ask the stupid questions: Why do you do this? Why don't you do this? Often the answer is 'that's how we've always done it'. Once, I was at a station, where the journalists wrote all the timing information for the lowerthirds (this was before automation) in two different fields in their NRCS. But only one of the fields was ever used! That's hours and hours wasted... Hours, and money, that could have been spent on more content.

Want to know more about me? Check my Linkedin page - it's all in there!

Let's get in touch. I'm on, Skype (nickilolk), Facebook, Linkedin and other social media. My phone number is +45 3145 4567

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