Cloud Rights Management System

Patented Cloud Solutions for Automating Rights Management and Rights Clearance!

Speed Processing, Boost Productivity and Mitigate Copyright Liabilities!

Digi-EXPress® is a Cloud-based System to Manage your Rights & Permissions, Rights-in and Licensing!

  • Build and re-purpose content and research rightsholders
  • Connect and communicate with 3rd party content providers in 1-click!
  • Save on licensing fees with ‘Bulk’ Pricing and Automated Processing
  • Track and manage license ‘Usage Rights’ for re-use and repurposing
  • Integrate with existing spreadsheets and perm logs
  • Track schedules, status and budgets... from your PC, MAC, Tablet or iPad!

How Digi-EXPress Works

Using patented ‘best-practice’ processes, we seamlessly transform your existing perm logs and legacy systems into a centralized database to manage your digital assets! Just 1-

click... connects you automatically to a network of rightsholders... speeds permissions and

manages your licenses and rights!!

Benefit: Maximizes your protection and copyright enforcement!


  • Centralize usage rights and licenses into a unified database repository
  • Enhance management control... and reduce license fees
  • Consolidate, Organize, Re-use and Re-purpose legacy content
  • Expedite clearance of 3rd party copyrights
  • Keep on-track with automatic alerts and follow-ups
  • Receive Lowest License Fees... with ‘Bulk’ Pricing Submissions
  • Capture and Archive ‘usage rights’ for re-purposing on future projects

Your Personalized Portal Dashboard*

  • Provides a Fast, Simple and Affordable Rights Management Solution!
  • DDX Data Exchange seamlessly interfaces Digi-EXPress with your existing spreadsheets, legacy data and backoffice systems
  • No investment in Hardware, Software, Programming and IT Support

* Digi-EXPress® is a Patented Cloud Rights Management transforms spreadsheets and legacy data into a secure ‘Cloud’ database to centralize control, streamline processes, automate permissions, boost productivity, eliminate repetitive tasks... and save on 3rd party license fees! Software is protected by U. S. Patent No. 8,438,113.