Digger Finger: GelSight Tactile Sensor for Object Identification Inside Granular Media

Authors: Radhen Patel, Rui Ouyang, Branden Romero, Edward Adelson

ISER 2020 Submission (Accepted, Published)

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Update 26 May 2021:
Digger Finger is featured in MIT News. Link


We present a novel tactile sensor called Digger finger. It is capable of fluidizing granular media during penetration. It is equipped with high resolution tactile sensing that we use to identify different objects buried in granular media.

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This research was supported by the Toyota Research Institute, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) [N00014-18-1-2815], and the GentleMAN project of the Norwegian Research Council.

We would like to thank Achu Wilson, Shaoxiong Wang, Sandra Liu, Yu She, Filipe Veiga,and Megha Tippur for insightful discussions. Finally, we thank Siyuan Dong, Daolin Ma and Alberto Rodriguez for lending us the force -torque sensor

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