Single Crystal Diffuse Scattering

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“Crystals are like people, it is the defects in them which tend to make them interesting!”

- Colin Humphreys

new home for diffuse scattering google+ site

Single-crystal diffuse scattering is a powerful technique to investigate structural imperfection and short-range correlation in crystalline materials.

Here will be the new home for diffuse scattering Google site (, which was closed at April 2, 2019. This site targets at spreading the knowledge of single-crystal diffuse scattering. In many cases, single-crystal diffuse scattering patterns are very beautiful. We are interested in revealing the secrets of nature by studying these beauties, and we are also interested in sharing our excitement and knowledge with you.

reference books

introductory talks/paper on diffuse scattering

Ray Osborn, talk 1, National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering, 2016

Ray Osborn, talk 2,, National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering, 2018

Reinhard B. Neder, talk,, ADD 2019

TR Welberry and T Weber, review paper, Crystallography Reviews, 2016 - Taylor & Francis