Different Ways Emerald Is Cut

Emerald is a beautiful and expensive gemstone which may demand a lot of money if you want to purchase it. The factors, which play their roles in deciding about the price of final product you get, include shape and carat size of the gemstone. Having that said, it is worth mentioning that cutting and shaping process of emerald now involves new technology which is deployed to make sure that cutting process becomes as precise as it can be. It is worth mentioning that rough emeralds come in different shapes and sizes. It can be located inside other minerals and it can be found in the form which gives it the outlook like it is popping out of the minerals. Shape and way it is found has to be taken into consideration before it is sent for further processing.

An emerald can be cut into different shapes and carat sizes. The shapes which are commonly formed with this stone include cushion, round, emerald, and princess. This gemstone can be cut and shaped into every style that of diamond. However, the major difference between both gemstones is that emerald is heavier as compared to diamond. Hence, its carat is smaller in volume.

During the cutting process, the size and shape of entire rough piece is taken into consideration. The major goal is to keep the wastage to its minimum level. Now, round-shaped emeralds are more popular but these are the produced after getting an undesirable amount of gemstone wasted. Many other shapes of emeralds are popular and most of them are used in the wedding rings. Another shape in which this gemstone is cut is called emerald shape. This shape lends its name from the gemstone itself. Good thing about this shape is that there is least amount of gemstone which gets wasted during its formation.

Emerald’s brilliance

Emerald’s brilliance is mainly concerned with the amount of sparkle or life in the gemstone. This sparkle is created with precise cutting. However, its sparkle is not as much as a diamond.

Types of emerald cut

Emerald is available in different cuts. Some of them are mentioned as under.

The first one to mention is step cut. It is very popular cut and it looks so good on emerald that this cutting is done only with the emerald. It consists of parallel facets, forming the shape of steps on the inclined part of the gemstone.

Another one is Brilliant cut which mainly consists of triangular facets on the emerald of verity of shapes.

Another cut of emerald is the mixed cut which consists of both step cut and brilliant cut. The crown of this cut usually imitates the brilliant cut. And pavilion end is shaped using step cutting method to ensure minimum waste of material.

Emerald appears in nature. So the beauty in its design is all-natural. Being natural stone, it has different textures which add much into the character of its shape.