Pros and cons of different moving options

Are you in a dilemma whether to hire a mover or do the moving yourself? Here is what you need to know. If you love doing things yourself you might have a dilemma. Moving from one house to another is one of the most overwhelming things since you will have to decide which house items to move or who to hire to do the job for you. The decision on whether to hire someone to do the shipping for you or do it yourself highly depends on your own personality, your budget, the complexity of the shipping and the proximity to the new home.

There are many more things to consider while choosing the best way to do the moving and we are grateful to guide you in figuring out which moving method is the best. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of both doing it yourself and hiring a mover.

Doing it yourself


Freedom in packaging

When you decide to do the moving yourself, you will not have to buy a lot of boxes which you will have to seal after packaging all your belongings as many movers would tell you to do. You have the freedom in deciding how your items will be moved and as long as you have assembled them in a common place like a truck you are good to go.

Helps you save cash

The cost of hiring a moving company can exceed your expectations especially when you are on a tight budget, therefore, moving your items without hiring anyone would be the best method for you. You are able to save the little money you had for other services such as loading and off-loading.

It puts you in control

Here, you are in full control of how your items will be packaged, how they will be moved and by which means. You are able to handle the boxes to ensure that nothing breaks and how best to protect your belongings in the case of adverse weather conditions during shipment.


Heavy lifting

This is the most tiring part of moving yourself and it often makes people opt for hired movement of their belongings. It is even more stressful if there are many staircases to worry about when moving chunky pieces of furniture and the heavy boxes.

Hiring a mover



Unlike your friend, the company is on a contract to give assistance with all agreed aspects of the move and it will, therefore, be cautious on time and all other shipping supplies. This saves you more time to attend to other matters.

You won't handle the heavy stuff

You won't have to worry about straining your muscles since all the lifting work and shipping supplies will be handled by professionals. By hiring a trusted hiring company, you will be sure that all your belongings will be handled with care no matter how heavy they are.


Minimal flexibility and costly

The moving company is in control from the time they start loading your belongings to the time they offload. You have no control over the way they pack items in the truck and the means they use for transport. Hiring is always going to be costlier because you will have to pay quite substantial amounts of cash even if you are moving down the street.