2021 - Odd Wisdom

ACT - US-Jazz

On his album „Odd Wisdom“, drummer Diego Piñera, together with a stellar cast of musicians, united the groove and vibe ot three different worlds: The percussive variety of his Latin-American origin, the urge for constant renewal of his current home Berlin and the energy of the metropolis New York City where the music was recorded. And with saxophonist Donny McCaslin, guitarist Ben Monder and bassist Scott Colley, three representatives of the top of current US-American jazz join Piñera and form an absorbing exchance of extraordinary enegry, sound, complexity and suspense.

2018 - Despertando

ACT - Latin-Jazz

It was the awakening (Despertando) of a tinge of longing which inspired Diego Pinera to record this album. More than seventeen years after having left his native Uruguay, he re-visits his roots, the influences which first left their mark on him, and the legacy which made him the musician he is today.

2016 - My Picture

Octason Records - Jazz

…It is an expression of the creative force of Pinera, Street and Turner that by all spiritual poetry of their trio context they stay present and earthbound. All three are constantly transmitting and receiving between each other, but they transmit together. All this is based on the grounds of jazz and using elements of jazz. But this music embodies much more than what the categorical shortening of a genre can do. It is the uniqueness of a special and distinctively playful moment which you can only hear from this and no other context…“ Wolf Kampnann

2014 - Strange Ways

Double Moon Records - Avantgarde Latin Jazz

On this CD, you can hear not only very varied rhythmic stylistics from swing to bop to Latin, but also elegant melodies that make listening as light as feather. The high degree of complexity, which distinguishes the pieces both rhythmically and harmonically, almost remains unnoticed. The band, which Pinera has gathered around him, is hand-picked and of optimum quality. They have been performing together for years and developed impressive interplay. Even excursions into free passages are perceived as joint projects and not as ego trips. An absolutely successful album and another highlight in the renowned series“ Jazz thing Next Generation!

2010 - Reflexiones

feat. Tony Lakatos - Octason Record - Avantgarde Latin Jazz

This album reflects not only Diego Pinera’s personal but also the current world of modern, avant-garde Latin jazz. The close link between musical concepts of Latin American origin, the omnipresent tradition of American jazz and the discovery of new forms and metrics are the key brand of the album. It was easy to take guest soloist Tony Lakatos on the musical journey.