Working Papers

An econometric analysis of the Brazilian merger policy

(with Mariusa Pitelli and Adelson Figueiredo). Revised and resubmitted at Review of Industrial Organization. (Code and data will be available soon).

This paper analyzes the factors influencing the decisions made by the Brazilian Competition Policy System on merger operations from 2004 to 2011. Estimates of binomial logit models show that two standard market structure indicators – high post-merger market share and unfavorable entry conditions - significantly increase the likelihood of an operation being challenged. Additionally, we find that three factors not explicitly associated with the Brazilian Merger Guidelines play a relevant role in merger policy decisions. Specifically, mergers in regulated markets, involving vertical integration or having a foreign firm as the largest participant are less likely to be challenged.

Refereed Publications

An agent-based platform for the study of watersheds as coupled natural and human systems

(with Leigh Tesfatsion, Chris R. Rehmann, Yu Jie, and William J. Gutowski). Environmental Modelling & Software. 89: 40-60. (Code in Java available here)

This study describes the architecture and capabilities of an open source agent-based Java platform that permits the systematic study of interactions among hydrology, climate, and strategic human decision-making in a watershed over time. To demonstrate the platform's use and capabilities, an application is presented in accordance with ODD protocol requirements that captures, in simplified form, the structural attributes of the Squaw Creek watershed in central Iowa. Illustrative findings are reported for the sensitivity of farmer and city social welfare outcomes to changes in three key treatment factors: farmer land-allocation decision method, farmer targeted savings, and levee quality effectiveness for the mitigation of city flood damage.

Work in progress

Optimal climate policy under uncertain post-tipping regimes

Interacting climate risks

(With Ivan Rudik)

Water affordability in the US

(With Casey J. Wichman)

Computer Science & Engineering Publications

(In Portuguese) A Digital Notebook in school laptops: concept and tool development

(with Cecília Baranauskas). Brazilian Journal of Computers in Education. 7: 59-73. (Code in Python available here)

This paper presents the inception, design and development steps of an educational tool aligned to the proposal of the One Laptop per Child Program (OLPC): the Digital Notebook. Preliminary tests suggest its feasibility and potential utility as a support tool for learning processes.