2019-2020 Members

Carina Rodriguez

Ingrid Nilsen

Lydia Kim

Abby Glover

Sofia Lunardi

Courtenay Wells

Charlotte Tatem

Crystal Gayle

DIA Member Code Of Conduct

  • Members are expected to attend weekly classes and rehearsals. Members who miss class are encouraged to talk to the director to make up for the classes or rehearsals.
  • Respect for teachers, parents, team members, and other teams will be expected at all times. Cliques or bullying will not be tolerated. Members behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave the class or rehearsal. Members who misbehave 3 times will be dismissed from the team.
  • Clean indoor shoes are required for all classes.
  • No running, touching mirrors, or hanging off the barres in the dance studios.
  • Members must treat the studio as if it were their home. Clean up all messes and throw out any food or garbage in trash cans.
  • No food is allowed in the dance studios. Water bottles are allowed and encouraged.
  • Theft of any kind at the dance studio will result in immediate dismissal.
  • No swearing or foul language.
  • No gum is allowed in the studio at any time.
  • We encourage all of our students to work hard and try hard, and be the best dancer that they can be!