Eligibility to Perform

There are a few requirements for eligibility to perform in the showcase:

Number of Members

  • We would prefer not to have any performers who’s groups are no less than 2 members, and no more than 10 members.

Registration video

  • If you would like to perform, you must submit an registration video. Please see the form below.This is for host purposes only!
  • If your group is selected to perform, your performance may be different from the registration video. The hosts must be notified of the changes if made!
  • The registration video could be a previous performance video in the past 3 month.


  • Groups are limited to ONE SONG or MEDLEY per performing group. The medley should not exceed 6 minutes.
  • The performance should be K-Pop related.

Registration Deadline

    • The registration deadline is May 19th, 2019.

If your group is chosen to perform, the hosts will contact you to complete the rest of the registration process! (more info below)

Registration Guidelines

To register to perform in the showcase you must complete the following actions:

  • Complete the Registration Form
  • Submit a registration Video

After your registration forms and registration videos have been submitted and reviewed, your group will be contacted. Only after you have been contacted and have confirmed a performing position can you complete the rest of the registration:

Registration Fee

    • There will be a registration Fee of $8/person.
    • The registration fee payment deadline is May 25th, 2019.


    • The host will contact you to fill our a participation waiver.
    • Performers who are under 18 will need parents permission and signature.


    • Once your group is selected to perform, you must send in your own music/music mix to the hosts.
    • The mix should not exceed 6 minutes.
    • If your performance is different from your registration video, please let the hosts know!
    • The music submission deadline is May 29th, 2019.