K-Pop Showcase 2019 Season 1

We are excited to announce that DIA is hosting the first K-Pop dance showcase in the Triangle on June 8th! This showcase is exclusively for cover crews, by cover crews, and based solely on our shared interests and our love of dance! Nothing but dancing and K-Pop! No Strings Attached! Not only is this a showcase, it is an opportunity to meet new friends and grow together as a community! It is not a competition! So make friends! Network! Have fun!

Please see more details as below.


Event Schedule

Tickets & Merchandise

This will be a ticketed event to the public, so please help us to spread the words as much as you can! With all of us spreading the word we should be able to gain not only attendees for the showcase but also gain interest for future showcases!

All of us at DIA are so excited to see all of you perform as well as meet you all and have a great time!

Much love,

DIA Urban Dance