Diane Stelfox Cook is an attorney and published author based in Milford. She currently practices Real Estate Law with Heaney and Small Law Firm. Stelfox Cook is best known for her debut memoir, So Many Angels.


For decades, Diane Stelfox Cook has been a practicing attorney. She is currently part of the Heaney and Small Law Firm team, where she provides legal advice and services within the realm of Real Estate Law. Stelfox Cook has maintained her Juris Doctor (J.D.) for many years, which she received from Suffolk University Law School in 1987. Additionally, she also maintains her Bachelor of Arts in Government with a concentration in Public Administration from Clark University in London, UK.

Following her own diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, Diane Stelfox Cook has become passionate about advocating for MS awareness. Particularly, she is focused on shining a beacon of light on recent research that she believes needs to continue in order to advance a potential cure of MS. Currently, all forms of MS are incurable; but there is hope. In Stelfox Cook’s lifetime, she has witnessed an abundance of Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT) treatments come out. With each new treatment and medication, managing this disease becomes all the more possible. But the fight isn’t over and that’s why Stelfox Cook is on a mission to push for more effective DMTs that could potentially cure MS all together!