Tech Integration

Supporting teachers and students in the use of technology in learning.

Digital Citizenship

  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Tech Agreement Forms
  • Student tech awareness assembly
  • 1: 1 Student interactions

Account Management

  • Student accounts: Powerlearning, IXL
  • Parent Powerlearning accounts
  • Monitor student Google accounts
  • Getting grade 2 students/parents started

Training Staff

  • Curriculum Cafes
  • TLC Tuesday, PD days, Orientation Week
  • Tutorials
  • Emails
  • Drop-ins
  • Blended learning

Unit Planning

  • ATLAS support
  • Planning units together with teacher
  • Co-teach
  • Grade level activities
  • Exploring and testing apps
  • Integrating STEM to units

Decision Making/Support

  • Tech Action Committee
  • Team Meetings
  • Committee for School Improvement
  • Green Team, Hope, SEP, Ballet
  • Curriculum Team

Digital Teachers/ Innovative Teachers

Leading a group of passionate teachers that are the early adopters of pilot programs.