Design Thinking

Redesigning spaces through the ASFM design thinking process and supporting the Edge of Excellence projects.

"How might we design a learning experience that allows students to be scientists?"

Science Lab

Plans for a new Science Lab were underway and the Innovation team stepped in to guide the redesign process through design thinking steps.

Drivers: Flexibility, Choice, Space

Sensory Motor Gym

The Innovation team was given the task to work with teachers to begin the design process that would result in the new Sensory Motor Gym.

Learning verbs: Stimulate, Engage, Explore, Develop, Regulate, Integrate.

"How might we design a space that supports the student’s holistic development?"

"How might we create a learning environment for students that develops life skills and builds character."

Adventure Challenge Course

The Innovation team worked with key staff members to prepare the drivers for the Adventure Challenge Course design. Drivers: Adaptable, Agile, Safe, Inspiring

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