DiADN 2019

Workshop on Distributed Algorithms for Dynamic Networks

The aim of DiADN is to present algorithmic developments for distributed computations in contemporary local and global network architectures constrained by dynamicity. Such constraints may be due to various factors, including but not restricted to mobility, changes in physical conditions, variability of demand, reliability, computational resources, and hardware limitations. The challenges that these constraints impose yield classical assumptions such as the availability of communication paths or even the possibility of distinguishing network nodes invalid. Then, fundamental communication tasks such as broadcast, routing, or election need to be revisited to be applicable to realistic scenarios, including ad-hoc networks, mobile networks, sensor networks, and dynamic networks.

DiADN will be held on Friday, October 18, 2019 in Budapest, Hungary, and will be co-located with DISC 2019. The workshop chairs are Tomasz Jurdzinski and Miguel A. Mosteiro. For information on registration, please go to the DISC 2019 website.

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