Dong-Hyun Hwang

Koike Laboratory

School of Computing, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Dong-Hyun Hwang

Ph.D. Student in Computer Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology

JSPS DC2 Young Research Fellow

JST Crest Team Koike Research Assistant

Nationality: Republic of Korea

Contact: hwang.d.ab (at)

Research Interest

  • Computer Vision and Machine Learning

    • Human Pose Estimation

    • Machine Learning for Mobile Device

    • Applications using Deep Neural Network and Machine Learning

  • Human-Computer Interaction

    • Interactive System using Computer Vision

Professional Experiences

  • JSPS Research Fellowship, April. 2020~

  • Program Chair, ACM CHI2021 Workshop: Human Augmentation for Skill Acquisition and Skill Transfer (HAA2021)

  • Visiting Scholar, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, October. 2019 ~ January. 2020

  • Research Internship, Clova AI Video, NAVER Corp., June ~ October. 2019

  • Research Internship, Clova AI Avatar, NAVER Corp., June ~ September. 2020

  • Research Assistant, Team Koike, JST Crest, Japan, December. 2018 ~ March. 2020, November. 2020 ~

  • Research Internship, JK Core, Korea, Jan. ~ Feb. 2016


  • Ph.D. Student, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (2019~)

  • M.S. of Computer Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (2017~2019)

  • B.S. of Computer Engineering, Korea University of Technology and Education, Korea (2010 ~ 2017)