Dhaval Kadia

"Aspire Imagination and Intuition, Admire Wisdom and Knowledge."

Graduate Student, University of Dayton

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What I cannot create, I do not understand.

- Richard Feynman

"If we as Humans are not conscious for others then why don't we make the Machines conscious for us?"

My duty is to devote my time, skills and interests for safer Society and greater Humanity.

What if all people return home very safely? It is my dream to eliminate those accidents happening due to Human Errors.

Humans are intelligent but not attentive, machines are attentive but not intelligent!

"We are living in the world of Problems" that affect Human and other Beings adversely. I believe to solve them. Vehicle accidents are getting worse these days. I want to solve it using Autonomous Vehicle (Self-Driving platform) and have taken steps towards learning and implementing it on respective platforms.

Being enthusiastic about analysis, designing algorithms, and mathematics, I began finding solutions to problems related to logic and computing. Eventually, designing algorithms & their coding became my hobby, and I started devoting my time for it to achieve the milestones I had set. Invention, research & creation are prime vertices for me.

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My 1st Android App! AI based!

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Master of Computer Science

The College of Arts and Sciences

The University of Dayton

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Faculty of Technology and Engineering

The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda