Dhaval Kadia

"Aspire Imagination and Intuition, Admire Wisdom and Knowledge."

"If we as Humans are not conscious for others then why don't we make the Machines conscious for us?"

A great gift to give someone is time. I love devoting my time doing work that can improve or save lives. I measure accomplishment by measuring how much I could do such work for how many lives.

My real interest before and now is research, with the commitment to the betterment of humanity.

Since my childhood, I dreamt of becoming a scientist. I have realized it would be meaningful to become a person whose work can save others' lives. I aspire to become such a person, and I have begun putting efforts into it. I want to work with a group of scientists and engineers.

The University of Dayton. The recent place of performing research!

Completed Master of Computer Science at the University of Dayton, Ohio.

Stepping ahead for further research endeavors towards societal contribution.

A Novel Lesion Synthesis Algorithm to Overcome COVID-19 Data-scarcity

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