Dhaval Kadia

"Aspire Imagination and Intuition, Admire Wisdom and Knowledge."

Science, Technology, Service and Devotion


Society, Health, Humanity & People

I am quite lucky that I have a lovely family, great teachers, joyful friends, and this beautiful world. Still, I will be happier if I can contribute further to making the world safer, promising, and having a higher standard.

The world and time are two immense threads that woven me to perceive the distinction between happiness and satisfaction. This prepared me to explore the puzzles beyond my comfort. Every time I find a more critical problem than earlier.

I want to imitate vital features from elegant Natural Intelligence to make Artificial Intelligence an epitome, and fill more colors into the reality of our world.

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The University of Dayton. The current place of performing research!

"If we as Humans are not conscious for others then why don't we make the Machines conscious for us?"

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