David García-García


I am a third year PhD student at Universidade de Lisboa, where I am working under the supervision of Dr. Miguel Tierz. I belong to the Grupo de Física Matemática, and the funding for my scholarship comes from the program LisMath.

Before that, I completed both my Master's and Bachelor's Degrees in mathematics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

My main area of interest is Random Matrix Theory, as a meeting point of several mathematical theories and a source of applications to various fields. In particular, I am studying the analytic and algebraic interplay present in the theory of Toeplitz matrices. Be welcome to read my first paper on the subject, joint with Dr. Tierz:

  • "Toeplitz minors and specializations of skew Schur polynomials", D. García-García and M. Tierz, preprint (arXiv:1706.02574).

Be welcome to reach me at:



Departamento de Matemática - FCUL

Campo Grande, 1749-016 Lisboa