Original: HoneyWorks ft. Hatsune Miku

Video: Akiakane

UST/Tuning: PandaLolii

Mixing: dez


Kiseki Noke MAGIC is in beta stage!

Kiseki Noke MAGIC is the biggest project from DezzyDream yet! It will be an update of the Kiseki Noke package, with 6 Japanese voicebanks, a Korean voicebank and a Mandarin Chinese voicebank, for a total of 8 voicebanks! With this new update, Kiseki Noke will be at her top quality yet!

Click here to request to beta test the voicebanks! You will be put on a list to receive the Kiseki Noke MAGICβ voicebanks of your choosing.


Shota Noke?

Kiseki Noke MAGIC RYOUSEIRUIβ has a demo out! Noke sounds like a young boy with this new and unusual voicebank. The term "ryoseirui(両声類 )" literally means "both voice types," and usually describes Japanese singers who can sing with a feminine and masculine voice. It's a popular phenomenon on Nico Nico Douga. Because this voicebank is designed to sound masculine, we gave it the name "RYOUSEIRUI" to show Kiseki Noke's other vocal type.


Original: Nem ft. Kagamine Len

Video: Tama

UST: RewoundClockwork

Mixing: dez


Original: wowaka ft. Hatsune Miku

Video: yu_i

UST: nmasao1

Mixing: dez


Bold And Powerful!

Kiseki Noke's BOLD voicebank is perfect for very loud songs, as it won't get drowned out by music as easily! She has very clear pronunciation, making her easier to understand. The song "Unhappy Refrain" by wowaka was chosen to showcase BOLD because the heavy instrumental calls for a powerful voice!


Kiseki Noke MAGIC BRIGHT is complete! In this cover of Toraboruta-P's "Kokoro," you can hear how she can sound both artificial and somewhat realistic. This voicebank is designed to have emotion and to sound vivid!


Original: Toraboruta-P ft. Kagamine Rin

Video: Fukusanbutsu-P

UST: Tanjiro

Mixing: dez