Dewey contributors

Why contribute to Dewey?

OCLC is a community organization that relies on contributions from members to succeed.

On the Dewey editorial team, we're exploring new ways to make Dewey a more collaborative endeavor. We want to make the DDC truly reflective of your library's changing collections and base our efforts on what is most important to you and your user's needs. To do that, we need your help!

How does the Dewey contribution program work?

Find the checklist of the process to propose changes to the DDC and see a list of the different ways that you can contribute in this folder.

What does a proposal look like?

These documents are examples of complete proposals (aka "exhibits") that will give you a sense for the kinds of research that goes into making revisions or additions to Dewey.

Have a question?

The Dewey Contributors forum is the place to ask!

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