Devin Lockett

As a life coach, Devin Lockett is committed to helping his clients live their best lives. Devin Lockett considers it his mission to empower his clients to take control of their lives. This is often a gradual process, with many milestones and rewards. Devin Lockett makes it easier for you to understand your “touch stones”. Not only understanding what you want, but also understanding the reasons why you want what you want.

With many years of experience as a holistic health practitioner, Devin Lockett uses an approach that aligns the mind, body, and spirit. With practical dietary and exercise advice, combined with philosophical insight and consciousness expansion, Devin Lockett provides you with the resources you need to create the life that you desire.

Psychotherapy helps one handle the issues one may have, and traumas of things that may have occurred in one’s past. Mindfulness is the practice of learning to live in the present moment. Logotherapy addresses the practical steps in building the life one desires. Devin Lockett uses an approach that helps clients develop positive habits that become incorporated in your being. This system maximizes the client’s personal and professional potential.

The average coaching schedule takes place in weekly, one-hour sessions. Custom training schedules are also available.

Regular life coaching sessions start at $150.00 per one-hour session. There is a sliding scale for clients who are willing to participate in sessions that are podcast on one of Devin Lockett’s YouTube channels. All participants relinquish all rights to privacy.