A developer festival of talks, activities, and workshops

Saturday, December 09, 2023

11am - 5pm

Lehman College

Gate 5 - Gillet Hall

 Join us for an incredible day of learning, networking, fun and food.


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DevFest is GDG Bronx's signature event that brings together technology leaders, developers, students, and startups to cultivate creativity and inspiration, as well as opportunities for the community to thrive.


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The Speakers

Martin Omander

Martin was born and raised in Sweden but has lived in Silicon Valley for 24 years. He has worked in IT Consulting and 3 startups as a software engineer. He joined Google in 2006, where is now a Developer Advocate. Martin also runs several major applications on Google Cloud.

Madona Wambua

Madona is the Founder & CTO of Jibu Labs, an Author, Keynote Speaker, and Google Developer Expert for Android with over a decade of experience building Android Applications. She is also a Women Tech Maker Ambassador, a host of Tech Talks with Madona, and a developer who enjoys sharing her Android knowledge and teaching others how to make Android applications.

Allen Firstenberg

Allen is a Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning and other technologies, helping other developers understand how they can apply the skills they already have to this growing technology. He is a Senior Project Engineer at Objective Consulting, co-author of "Designing and Developing for Google Glass", enjoys the history of technology, and has occasionally been known to wear light blue shirts.

Ruchi Mahindru

Ruchi Mahindru, Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM T. J. Watson Research, leads IBM Research Strategy for AI-based IT Operations. With 20 years in IT support, she excels in building scalable AI solutions for issue remediation, enhancing productivity and customer experience. Her expertise spans context-aware knowledge engineering, machine learning, deep learning, semantic data analytics, and generative AI. An accomplished professional with a master’s in computer science, Ruchi is dedicated to mentoring and coaching, emphasizing the growth and empowerment of others.

Roman Jaquez

Roman Jaquez is a Google Developer Expert in Flutter as well as a Google Certified Cloud Architect who loves sharing his passion for Flutter with the wider developer community. He is also lead organizer at GDG Lawrence, as well as a GDG Mentor for the Northeast in the USA, with 10+ years of experience as a software engineer. He enjoys spreading the word about best practices in the industry ranging from mobile, web and cloud. 

Junnet Ali

Strategic business lead. Experienced in developing ideas and concepts to solve business challenges; and producing successful integrated marketing campaigns and experiences that meet business objectives, drive results and increase brand equity. 

Passionate about fostering vibrant communities and empowering developers through strategic programs and collaborative initiatives in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Isaac Atif

Isaac Atif is a developer advocate and instructor at Columbia University. Born and raised in The Bronx, he graduated with his B.S in C.S from Lehman College and is driven by his passion to promote tech literacy.  In his spare time he likes to go to the gym, play videogames, and try new foods around New York City. 

Ralph Yozzo

Ralph Yozzo is a long time computer developer.  Loves Big Data and Google and the INTERNET with a passion for organizing information to make it universally accessible and useful.  Since Google does the world, I focus on things Google does not do, such as government information :)

Sequoia Omander

Sequoia is Martin's youngest child and was born and raised in California. They are a recent high school graduate, now taking a gap year and working as an online content reviewer. They are looking to work in the tech sector with community management.

Paula Aidoo

Hi, I'm Paula, a Computer Science senior at Lehman College. I'm passionate about using technology to solve complex problems and have interned as a software developer at ActionIQ, The WSJ, and BNY Mellon, gaining valuable experience in the field. Thriving on innovation, I'm driven to make a positive impact through creative problem-solving.

Gabriel Olokunwolu

Meet Gabriel, the CEO and founder of Techchak, boasting an extensive 9+ years in infrastructure engineering. Additionally, he currently spearheads the Machine Learning Infrastructure team at a leading US healthcare firm. Gabriel's expertise spans architecting multi-tenant infrastructures for Kubernetes-based SaaS products while assisting enterprises in crafting scalable and cost-saving application solutions in the cloud

James Kolotouros

James is a Software Engineer from the Bronx, New York and a former Lehman College Student. His passion for tech and web development led him to switch from his career in sales in 2020, and he has not looked back. He has since worked on projects for various companies including A&E Networks and Sony SIE (PlayStation) and has also contributed to the open source community. 

Joel Guerrero

I was first introduced to UX design when I started my own startup company, MUAH in 2017. I was fascinated by the creative ways that UX can drive businesses forward, and I began learning from expert designers, thought leaders, and authors. Although I am self-taught, I have always approached my learning as a student, whether I was working on my own startup, freelancing, or doing contract work. 

My knowledge of UX has remained timeless throughout the ever-changing landscape of the field, and I am always eager to learn new things. Since then, my work has spanned a wide range of projects, from physical spaces like basketball courts to digital products for seed stage and series A funded companies.  I thrive in collaborative environments, and I am always impressed by the impact that individuals can make when they prioritize the user experience.

Aniket Abhishek Soni

Aniket Soni, a versatile Full Stack Software Engineer and adept Data Analyst, holds a Master's in Computer Science. Skilled in Python, Django, Flask, and SQL, he constructs intricate ETL pipelines and API integrations at Cognizant Technology Solutions.

An active mentor, Aniket serves as an English buddy for ENGin Program Ukraine and mentors at Freedom Employability Academy in India. Distinguished as a Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer, his tech expertise extends to Databricks, Data Analysis, and Visualization.

An advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech, Aniket is dedicated to fostering growth in the ever-evolving technology landscape. He is also a student at GDG New York.

Phil Beltre

Phillip Beltre is a passionate Data Defense Developer at TikTok currently based in the vibrant borough of Bronx, New York. Armed with a strong academic foundation from Syracuse University, Phillip has honed his skills and expertise in the dynamic world of data.

With a career that has taken him through notable organizations such as Earnest Analytics, Twitter, and Morgan Stanley, Phillip has cultivated a deep understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of data and information. At TikTok, he continues to push the boundaries of data protection, ensuring user information remains secure in an increasingly interconnected world.



The Venue

Lehman College

Gate 5, Bronx, NY 10468

Gillet Hall Building

Lehman College is a beautiful 37-acre campus comprised of Collegiate Gothic and Modern Architecture in the northwest Bronx adjacent to the Jerome Park Reservoir.



Join us for an incredible day of learning, networking, fun and food.

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