Pepa Devesa

Care for Translation

English/Catalan > Spanish Translation

The difference:

  1. Direct communication with the clients to address their needs and concerns.
  2. Care for language: translation as an art, combining knowledge and intuition, research and craft.
  3. Vast experience and methodical working style that result in timeliness.


Quality translation, proofreading, editing and localization of texts for Spain.

Consultancy for specific linguistic issues.

Referral service for translation in the following language pairs:

French > Spanish; Spanish > English and Catalan, English > Catalan,

Areas of expertise/experience:

  • Pharmaceutical:

Product information (SmPCs, package leaflets, labelling)

Clinical trials:

- Protocols and synopses

- Patient information and informed consent forms

  • Medicine and bio-science: healthcare, in-vitro diagnostic tools, patient information leaflets, medical articles, SPCs, research contacts, clinical reviews, patient and doctor surveys, medical letters.

Literature (please see section Literary Translation below).

  • Business and commerce: web pages, marketing brochures, business literature, case histories (business schools), press releases, architecture.
  • Humanities/general: museum exhibitions, article abstracts, educational materials.


I have a degree in English Philology and a MA in Hispanic Studies, completed in the US, where I was a Spanish lecturer and started my career as an interpreter and translator in 1996. I also write my own fiction in both English and Spanish when time permits.

I attend professional conferences and workshops in my specialty subjects, such as medicine or literature, as well as in typographic and style correction.

My love for language and my concern about the quality of the final product make me an excellent choice for your Spanish language needs.

Personal publications (fiction or about the profession):

Commented translation from Catalan into English of a fragment of the novel Ramona Rosbif, by Isa Tròlec, published in Two Lines: A Journal of Translation, May 1999.

Publication of the short story “La decisión” in The Barcelona Review (, December 2001.

Other publications: short stories “Papiroflexia” (Mayo 2004), “Hace frío afuera” and “El peso del pueblo”, en aDona’t (literary magazine, November 2004).



Translation is usually charged by the word (for example, € 0.10 - 0.16 per word) calculated on the words in the original (source) document. The rate per word will depend on the type of text, urgency, format and other factors. Please submit the wordcount if you know it or the document you need translated to receive a quote.

To request a PDF copy of my CV, a translation portfolio or a quote, please send an email to Please indicate your basic information (full name, company, address) and the documents you would like to receive:


Business translation portfolio

Miscellaneous portfolio

Pharma/Medical portfolio


Young adult fiction / Children's books:

  • Randa Abdel-Fattah, ¿Por qué todos me miran la cabeza? Barcelona, La Galera, 2008 (ISBN: 978-84-246-3048-5).
  • Randa Abdel-Fattah, Diez cosas que odio de mí, Barcelona, La Galera, 2009 (ISBN: 978-84-246-3226-7).
  • Barbara Kingsolver, Árboles de judías, Barcelona, La Galera, 2010 (ISBN: 978-84-246-2993-9).
  • Adam Gidwitz. Una sonrisa roja como la sangre. Barcelona, La Galera, 2012 (978-84-246-3779-8).
  • Stephen Wallenfels, POD. Barcelona, La Galera, 2012 (ISBN: 978-84- 246-3740-8).
  • Feroz el Cavernícola (collection), Barcelona, La Galera, 2009 (ISBN: 978-84-246-3069-0 / 978-84-246-3070-6 / 978-84-246-3071-3 / 978-84-246-3072-0).
  • Monstermanía and Rosa Mariposa. ¡Salvemos el bosque! (respectively, 978-84-246-3583-1 y 978-84-246-3648-7), published by La Galera in 2010.
  • Janet Foxley. Muncle Trogg, Barcelona, La Galera, 2011 (978-84-246-3777-4). To be published in short by Círculo de Lectores.
  • Janet Foxley. Muncle Trogg y el asno volador, Barcelona, La Galera, 2012 (978-84-246-4339-3).
  • Caroline Lawrence. Se busca P.K. Pinkerton: El caso de las viudas pistoleras, Barcelona, La Galera, 2013 (978-84-246-4630-1).
  • Lemony Snicket. ¿Cuándo la vio por última vez? Barcelona, La Galera 2014 (9788424651732)
  • Cassie Beasley, Circus Mirandus. Barcelona, La Galera, 2016 (978-84-246-5686-7).
  • Terri Osburn, El mayor de los retos. Luxembourg, AmazonCrossing, 2016 (ISBN: 978-15-039-3401-6).
  • Terri Osburn, Escrito en el destino. Luxembourg, AmazonCrossing, 2017 (ISBN: 978-15-420-4540-7).

Short stories:

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