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These articles have been compiled for teachers, teacher educators and students interested in how cognitive science and developmental science can inform education. They are intended to provide insight into the breadth of applicable research rather than an exhaustive overview of all relevant work.

Most articles review research from a particular area (although there are some single study articles) and discuss implications for education. Implications range from practical teaching methods to broader discussions of cognition and development and their relevance to education. All articles have been written by researchers for a variety of outputs including teaching publications, policy documents and academic journals. As such, they vary in their complexity. Any ideas taken from the articles should be discussed with colleagues before trying out in the classroom.

Use the 'topic' drop down menu to filter content by topics and the search box to search within the article abstracts. Where possible, there is a direct link to a PDF. If a direct link is not available, the site links to ResearchGate and Semantic Scholar pages where PDF and publisher links can be found.

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