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Detroit's Right to Literacy Case

Detroit students filed a class-action lawsuit charging that the State of Michigan denies children their right to literacy.

In 2016, Detroit students filed a class-action lawsuit against Gov. Rick Snyder and state education officials, charging that the State of Michigan denies children their right to literacy. Now in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, Detroit’s right to literacy case (Gary B. v. Snyder) is the first lawsuit to argue that the right to literacy is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

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Fiat Chrysler Plant Expansion in Detroit

Detroit's east side currently has illegal levels of ozone in the air. Despite this, Fiat Chrysler is building an assembly plant in the region and is, in part, meeting EPA standards by reducing emissions at a nearby plant in Warren. Not in Detroit.

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Policing and Surveillance in Detroit

What is the role of police today and what was its role historically? We explore issues of policing, surveillance, and accountability amid the systems of structural racism in Detroit.

Project Green Light: Let's consider the cost of 24-hour surveillance in Detroit, a majority Black city. According to experts, Detroit's Project Green Light is proving to be a dangerous surveillance program through its invasion of rights and use of flawed, discriminatory practices⁠—particularly through facial recognition technology.

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