26-27 August 2017

Rizal Recreation | Rizal, Laguna

The 2017 Summit

Greetings! The Destiny Event Organizers are pleased to welcome you to this year’s Annual Summit. This year will be a separate gathering of MEN, WOMEN & YOUTH. We have sensed the need to be focused on each group of our movement. This will be our first ever summit gathering that will happen in three different dates and places. As we desire for all of us to be heard, be served and be empowered as men, women and youth of our family movement! As we take the momentum with what we have received last year, “WE ARE FAMILY ON A MISSION”, it is timing to receive more clarity about the role of each one to His greater purpose.

We are excited to host you and your church and are looking forward to having an amazing and world-changing time with you.

Courageous: 2017 Men's Summit

Welcome to our Men’s Summit!

This generation is crying for Courageous Men who will break down all compromises, mediocrities, and selfishness. Courageous men who will face life’s challenges head on - choosing the right thing instead of convenience. Courageous men who will choose convictions over comfort. Courage is not the absence of fear. It is facing what you fear. Courage is the willingness to act in spite of your fear. If we say we believe in something, we should be able to stand for that belief no matter what life throws at us. It is putting our faith in action.

As chosen men of God, we are to reveal Christ in every situation. Real men are called to make a difference as they live and pursue their God-given call. This is what every family, church & community need because men ought to lead, provide, build, protect and be a reflection of who Jesus is here on earth.

We are God's people, covenanted with Him and with one another. We need to rise up and lead like Him. A life that is selfless, dedicated, sacrificing, obedient and all out for Him. As ONE, let us advance His kingdom in bringing the realities of heaven here on earth in building up people and winning more souls for Him.

We are COURAGEOUS men of Destiny!

Ps. Ariel Tenorio

Summit Pastor