We are anticipating the return of travel to our destinations across Asia and have refreshed our information site to reflect the latest updates
related to the opening of international borders. Below you will find links to each of our destinations – click on any country to

view a page showing updates relating to vaccinations; quarantine times; key dates to reopening and international flight status.

While we endeavor to keep this site up to date; the rapidly changing environment may impact the accuracy of the information and it
may not reflect the latest on the current situation.


Below is an overview of the vaccination progress in each of our destinations, with each chart showing the
percentage of the population now fully vaccinated
(last updated 14 June).

For the latest information and protection advice, the WHO offers a number of informative videos and printable notices for download from here.

Should you have a question related to a particular program, please contact your usual Destination Asia consultant for booking and country-specific details. Click here to view contact details for all offices.

For the latest product and destination news from our 11 country network in Asia, visit our news website.