Marching Band Information

Game Night Schedule:

5:00: Call time. Be in uniform by inspections.

5:45: Inspections. Line up (no instruments) with backs to walls in hallway so Mr. Thering or drum major can make sure you are looking your best.

6:00: Go to practice field.

6:40: Go to Williams Stadium.

6:50: Go onto field for Pre-Game performance.

*Halftime happens when it happens. Game pacing is unpredictable. We will leave stands for warm up when 4 minutes are remaining in the second quarter. We leave after halftime. Students are free to return to the game after the room is clean.

9:00: Make sure room is clean and leave.


Full uniform or partial uniform is determined by Mr. Thering.

Partial uniform is the band t-shirt, khaki bottoms, solid black shoes and long black socks.

Full uniform will be reviewed during dressing time.


  1. We have assigned seating in the stands and stay in our sections without visitors.
  2. Everyone checks in with Mr. Thering before they can leave the band area. Only 2 people may be out of band at a time. You will receive a walkie-talkie when you are granted permission to leave the band area.
  3. Make sure you throw away your trash.
  4. Band students get in for free. Families must pay. Only band students and boosters who are moving equipment may accompany the band through the gates.

Programming for season is below

Show Music: Sneak Peak, All-City, Senior Night (aka Game #4), IHSMA State Competition (memorized)

Show Title: "Flying"

Into the Clouds

Ka: Flight

Defying Gravity

Option: Drumline turn "Gonna Fly Now" into a cadence

Game #1: Dance Theme (flip folder)

All Star


Game #2: Torch Song Theme (flip folder)

Open Arms

Hey Brother

Game #3: Future Scarlets and Pink Out (flip folder)


High Hopes

Game #4: Senior Night (memorized)

See "Show program"